Case Study - Funding Recruitment RPO's Commensura and Matrix

We have just been able to help a recruitment sector customer who required significant levels of funding against invoices to RPO's (Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies) such as Commensura and Matrix. In addition to requiring flexible funding against these RPO debtors, the client also wanted to explore possible invoice finance cost reductions, but with improved service and flexibility.

Flexible Finance Against RPOs

We were able to find them a finance partner that could both provide flexible funding against Commensura and Matrix, together with a competitive pricing deal.

Often it takes time to find the right funding relationship for a customer as trust needs to be built. In this case the customer had the benefits of a great funding and pricing package, but the deal was won through the relationship with the new invoice finance company and their flexible approach.

If we can help you with a similar situation please get in touch: Call Sean on 03330 113622 or request a call back.

Article: Invoice Finance Companies That Deal With RPOs Such As De Poel, Commensura & Matrix

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