• Oi'll Give It Foive

    Another 5 star rating with a reference to Janice Nicholls.Another top, 5 star rating given to FundInvoice by a client. The company in question is a new start driver hire company.

    "I'll Give It Foive"

    This is what our client said when asked to rate our service out of 5 possible stars:

    "Are you old enough or aware of the phrase "I'll give it Foive""

    Well I had to do a little digging (it's rare for me to be called too young these days!), but I believe that quotes Janice Nicholls, whose catchphrase was "Oi'll give it foive", on "Thank Your Lucky Stars". The show aired in the early 60s, and reviewed recent pop singles from that era.

    Personal Service Invoice Finance Search

    We are always pleased to receive the top rating from any of our clients, and we pride ourselves on providing a high quality personal service to search for invoice finance, rather than acting like a comparison site.

    Driver Hire

    Driver hire is a part of the temporary recruitment labour market. Providing temporary drivers to sectors such as the haulage industry. The temps may drive HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles - lorries), or other vehicles, within the sector. Temporary recruitment is highly suited to receivables funding, as there is usually a simple paper trail to back up the invoices raised to customers.

    RPOs And Saving Costs

    One of the issues that sometimes arises is finding funding against RPO debtors. This is something that we have enjoyed a great deal of success with. If you are having problems finding funding limits against RPO customer, why not try our personal service, which may unlock the funding that you are looking for.

    We don't charge you to use our service, instead we receive a commission from the funder, if you go ahead. We also have an impressive track record of finding cost savings for customers, averaging 31% savings against quotes sourced elsewhere by customers (updated October 2019).

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