• Removing GRI Invoice Funding Restrictions.

    Lifting invoice finance restrictions against invoices to GRI. Recruitment companies that are supplying GRI, do not need to experience credit limit restrictions, or prime debtor restrictions, if they are using invoice financing. We can introduce funders that can help by removing those limitations.

    GRI UK (formerly called De Poel) is one of several RPOs (which are umbrella purchasing organisations) that deal with the temporary staff supply to major organisations. We have helped a number of recruiters overcome receivables funding issues relating to RPO debtors.

    GRI Funding

    We have just spoken to a new prospective recruitment sector client that was experiencing restrictions in the funding line that their invoice finance company would grant against GRI.

    This means that not all sales were attracting the maximum level of funding. This can lead to cash flow problems. However, not all funders will impose similar restrictions.

    Removing Funding Restrictions

    In order to assist this prospect, we contacted a variety of our funding partners and we have identified several options for them. We have funders available that are able to write funding lines of several hundred thousand pounds against GRI, relieving any funding restrictions that are being caused by a limited credit line.

    Prime Debtor Restrictions

    The other funding limitation that is often applied is what the sector refers to as a "prime debtor restriction". This restriction works by limiting the amount of funding against any significant debtors, once they reach an agreed proportion of the overall sales ledger.

    We have identified a number of options from amongst our panel of funding partners. There are providers, that we can introduce you to, that are prepared to operate without a prime debtor restriction on GRI. This means that you would receive the full prepayment percentage, for example 90%, against your invoices to GRI.

    Get Help

    Therefore, if you are experiencing funding restrictions from your invoice finance company please get in touch with Sean on 03330 113622, to see what we can do to remove the funding restrictions for you.

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