• Payroll Services For Recruitment

    Running your own payroll can be time-consuming so many businesses prefer to use a payroll services company in order to undertake all aspects of the function on their behalf, and so use a payroll services company.

    Payroll Services Companies

    Many of the invoice finance and factoring companies provide payroll services in addition to their financing services. Even if you don’t want to have the benefit of any finance, you can still opt to use the payroll service on a stand-alone basis. There are also organisations that purely provide payroll services and we Raible to introduce you to both kinds of providers.

    If you opt for a factoring service, you will also receive an outsourced credit control service which means that the outsourcer will also handle your credit control function alleviating you from the burden of undertaking this task yourself. By out sorcing all of these functions, a recruiter can put themselves in a position where they only have to worry about finding new sales, whilst others handle all of the business administration.

    The payroll company will be able to handle all aspects of your payroll. This will include production of wage slips and other documentation such as the annual P60s and P45’s if necessary. If you are a recruitment company they will be able to handle processing of timesheets in order to produce your payslips. This can be a time-consuming task that will free you up to undertake other functions within your business.

    Finance For Wages

    If you are also looking for an injection of cash into your business, they can provide funding in order to pay your wages, which can have a positive impact on your cash flow. You can also get funding to be used for any other purpose that you choose. It is not restricted to just the payment of wages.


    If you are a new start-up company just having a professional company handling production of wage slips etc. can take a burden off of you as there are various nuances and rules that have to be followed in their production. The outsourcer may also be able to handle issues such as queries with HMRC that can further remove the hassle from handling your own payroll.

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