• Invoice Finance For Sales To GRI UK - Geometric Results International formerly De Poel

    Recruitment Invoice Finance Against Sales To GRI UK (Formerly De Poel)We have just had another example where we have been able to find a higher invoice finance credit limit, for sales to GRI UK (formerly called de Poel), than our client was able to find on their own.


    250% Higher Credit Limit On GRI UK

    The credit limit that we found them, with a reputable invoice finance company, was in fact 250% of the value of the limit that they had been able to find themselves by shopping around the marketplace. This means that they can access funding against significantly more sales than via the best funding limit that they had been able to find on their own. This is another example of where we have been able to help customers that need funding against these types of recruitment invoices.

    Receivables Finance

    Under this kind of receivables finance arrangement, cash is released against unpaid sales invoices as soon as the supplier raises the invoice. This means that there is no waiting to be paid, and this improves the cash flow of the business. This kind of finance can be particularly suited to fast growing companies as overdrafts and loans can fail to keep pace with their growing funding requirements. You can find more general information on our site about funding this sector: Specialist Recruitment Finance.

    GRI UK Formerly De Poel

    Geometric Results International Limited (company number 04766716 - registered office address: Booths Park 1, Chelford Road, Knutsford, WA16 8GS) was formerly known as DE POEL UK LIMITED until it's name was changed on the 19th June 2018. It is commonly referred to as GRI UK.

    GRI in the UK is formed of Geometric Results' UK operations and the recent acquisition of de Poel in 2018, creating GRI UK.

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