• What Is Confidential Invoice Finance?

    Confidentiality is a term applied to an invoice finance facility where the debtors (the customers of the company using the facility) are not aware of the involvement of the invoice finance company. Some companies prefer this as they do not want customers to be aware that they are using funding or a third party outsourced service.

    What Is Confidential Invoice Finance?

    It is an umbrella term for a range of different variations on a business funding product. The facility can take a number of forms, which are explained in our guide to invoice finance. All types of facility can be operated on a fully confidential basis, if required.

    The benefits of confidential invoice finance is that to your customers, it appears that it is your company that is in contact with them, even if it is the funder that is undertaking the work for you e.g. credit control calls. This is an example of an outsourced service, sometimes called “white labelling”. You get to benefit from someone else doing all the work, whilst your customers have no idea that you are outsourcing.

    The providers achieve this by ensuring that any telephone contact is undertaken in the name of your company, and any correspondence is sent showing the logo and branding of your business. Dedicated phone numbers, and email addresses, can be set up in order to ensure that customers remain unaware that you are outsourcing these services to a third party.

    Read about the limitations of confidential invoice finance.

    Types Of Confidential Funding

    The types of confidential funding available can be divided into factoring and invoice discounting. With confidential factoring, you receive both funding and a full credit control service, provided by the funder. Whilst with confidential invoice discounting, you just receive the funding element, and you continue to collect the outstanding sales invoices yourself. This may be preferable if you already have a strong internal credit control function, or if you don't want a third party making contact with your customers.

    It is worth noting that in some cases, the funder will add an additional premium to provide a fully confidential service.

    Please contact Sean on 03330 113622 to receive further information about confidential invoice finance.

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