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    There seems to be a constant increase in the number of suppliers of selective invoice finance. Again over the last week or so we have been contacted by two more new providers. Good news, more choice for customers and there is definitely a place for selective facilities. However, the majority of the business that we see is looking for a whole turnover style arrangement, rather than just factoring the odd invoice.

    It was also interesting the see an article in Business Insider giving their opinion about losses that they suspect have been accrued by two of the large peer-to-peer lenders (not in the IF sector). Judging by the amount of advertising that these P2P companies undertake, it is hardly surprising that they struggle to generate profits, despite transacting large volumes of business.

    The online adverts of one of the new selective IF companies are now following me around the internet after having searched for their site in Google - more impressive but no doubt expensive advertising!

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