• Criteria For Funding Invoices To Courier Exhanges

    The criteria to get funding against your invoices to courier exchange.Following my article about Factoring Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange invoices, we have had a number of enquiries. Some of them have been very small businesses, so I wanted to clarify the minimum criteria for funding invoices to Courier Exchange and similar debtors.

    Funding Courier Exchange & Haulage Exchange Invoices

    Enquiries about funding Haulage Exchange invoices are not such as issue as the size of the businesses tends to be larger, by their very nature. The issue is that when dealing with couriers, rather than hauliers, the smallest businesses are sometimes just a single person with a van.

    It is not the number of vehicles or staff that is the problems, more then size of the business. It can end up being uncommercial for the prospect and the factoring company, when the company is below a certain threshold.

    Criteria For Funding Courier Exchange Invoices

    As a guide, the following criteria apply to getting funding against your invoices to the Courier Exchange:

    1. You need a minimum annual turnover of at least £60K or more.

    2. Prime mover(s) must be UK passport holders.

    3. Prime mover(s) will ideally be home owners, however this is not absolutely essential.

    4. The company needs to have been established for at least 12 months

    100% concentrations of invoices to Courier Exchange may be able to be funded, providing the majority of these criteria are met. Please note that criteria may change without notice, and each prospect is assessed on a case by case basis.

    Getting Help With Funding

    The best approach is to speak to Sean, one of our Partners here at FundInvoice, and he will guide you regarding the options available.

    Sean's contact details are:

    Hopefully by setting out those criteria we can give more guidance as to which courier companies are likely to be accepted for factoring and funding against invoices to Courier Exhange.

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