• Do You Need Invoice Finance Surveyor Or Auditor Resource?

    Do you need more invoice finance survey or audit resource on a freelance basis?Do you need more survey or audit resource? If so a very experienced colleague is looking to undertake surveys and audits, for invoice finance and factoring companies on a self employed basis (please note that the services are provided directly to you by the freelancer and not via FundInvoice LLP).


    Freelance Surveyor And Auditor Resource

    We have know this particular freelancer for a very long time, so we are keen to put him in touch with anyone that needs some additional survey or audit resource.

    He is well place to handle the centre of the country so is able to handle most areas of the UK. The intention is that he will provide his services on a day rate basis, plus reasonable expenses.

    Surveys And Audits

    The freelancer is able to undertake invoice finance:

    • Surveys - assessments of new potential clients, that are normally conducted at the customers premises. Typically it will involve a detailed analysis of the client's bookkeeping records with particular focus on their debtor ledger. A report is then produced in your prescribed format. Surveys can be undertaken for any type of receivables financing service including both factoring and invoice discounting.

    • Audits - regular assessments of existing clients, covering similar aspects to those mentioned above, and producing a report in your prescribed format. These often relate to invoice discounting customers, but can also be required for some factoring users.

    Our Contact

    Our contact is well placed to operate centrally within the UK, so is able to handle a wide range of different areas across the country. He has extensive experience within our sector, and has worked within a number of different factoring and invoice discounting companies. He is highly experienced and we have worked with him for many years, so can speak highly of his abilities. If you are on the lookout for some additional audit/survey resource, even on an adhoc basis, please get in touch using the link above.

    Note: all audit and survey services are provided to you directly by the freelancer, NOT via FundInvoice LLP who take no responsibility or liability.

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