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    I have been working on adding a number of direct response forms to our list of invoice finance companies in the UK. These give you the ability to either request that they call you back, or in some cases to provide the details required in order to get a quote (depending upon how the factors modus operandi fits with our standard forms). There are a few more to add but I am working my way through the list! There are a lot of providers within this market space, and the number has grown in recent years with they advent of new offerings, such as selective finance.

     The contact request forms mean that if you want the contact details for an invoice finance company, just find them on the list and there will either be a link ot a page of information about them, or a link directly to either an application form - or a form to request a call back. This puts our clients directly in contact with the funders. In some cases there are even links to their websites, where they have technology in place to track people that click through from our site.

    Of course we are happy to do all the work for our clients, and search the market to find them the most appropriate funders. There are so many offerings available now, differences in pricing and approach that it can be a minefield if you don't understand the differences between providers. However, we recognise that some clients know which factors they want to speak to already, and just want to make contact directly. The forms will be useful in those situations.

    Over time I will be adding further information about the funders, but this is an important first step in putting our clients in direct contact with the invoice finance companies.

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