• Financing Large Orders For Coronavirus Preparations

    Financing Coronavirus large orders for preparations and supplies.Concerns about Coronavirus (CoV or COVID-19) affecting the UK have been rising on the back of media reports, despite some statistics suggesting that the threat may not be as significant as that from normal seasonal flu and other diseases. Regardless of the situation, the Government is taking action.

    Financing Large Orders For Coronavirus Stockpiling

    Concern about the virus formerly known as “2019 novel coronavirus" has resulted in the Government making preparations, and developing stockpiles of supplies, in case there is a significant increase in the number of cases across the UK.

    This have resulted in significant large orders being placed with some suppliers, in order to prepare for possible eventualities.

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    Stockpile And Support Service Orders

    This could include suppliers of items being stockpiled, or additional support services such as:

    • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - such as gloves, facemasks, respirators, gowns, suits, shoe covers, shields etc.
    • Infection control equipment.
    • Pharmaceuticals.
    • Medical equipment, supplies and consumables - including manufacture of ventilators and associated components.
    • Additional temporary medical staff.
    • Consultancy and media services.
    • Hand gel sanitisers & hand wash.

    Cash Flow Support

    Receiving significant orders, even if they will ultimately be paid for by a reliable debtor such as the UK Government, can still create a cash flow problem for businesses.

    We have written previously about how invoice finance solutions can be used to smooth the cash flow humps associated with taking on a large order: Financing Large Orders.

    These facilities can release prepayments against outstanding invoices, which means that you do not need to wait for the end customer to pay. They release cash immediately to pay for raw materials, staff costs and other expenses. When the customer pays the remainder of the invoice value is passed to you, less the fee for using the cash flow smoothing service.#

    There are also plenty of funders that are able to provide you with invoice finance during lockdown or self isolation.

    In the event that preparations for a coronavirus outbreak have resulted in your company receiving significant large orders, we are able to help you arrange the coronavirus funding to smooth your cash flow, and accommodate these temporary increases in demand.

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