• Funding Big Services Contracts Relating To Novel Coronavirus

    Funding big services contracts in preparation for novel coronavirus.As expected the Government's preparations for a novel coronavirus epidemic in the UK have led to big contracts being placed for support services. In some cases these government contractors will require additional funding.

    We have been speaking to a communications company that have been awarded a multi-million pound contract to provide communications services, relating to the coronavirus epidemic. This will be one of many UK suppliers that will benefit from receiving a big contract, from a government backed customer. However this will require a sharp increase in staff numbers to accommodate the seasonal demand.

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    Funding Big Contracts For Covid-19 Preparations

    I have written before about how finance for COVID19 related stockpile orders is available, and we are starting to see the evidence of that raised demand. This case was an example of that.

    Big Orders And Contracts For Services

    Whilst my previous post originally focused on the orders for physical products, such as protective equipment etc. We are also starting to see the demand for additional services contracts. These are for peripheral support services, such as communications.

    More private sector services are likely to be required to support the Government's plans to contain, and deal with the spread of the virus.


    These services could include:

    • Consultancy, advisory and research services.
    • Security services.
    • Communications support.
    • Transportation and distribution e.g. haulage.
    • Medical support and laboratory services.
    • Cleaning and decontamination.
    • Other temporary staff and personnel e.g. administration.

    Enabling You To Cope With The Surge In Demand

    In the particular case of the communications company, they were a small organisation receiving a significant contract from a government backed customer. This type of peak in demand is going to be outside of the cash flow reserves of most companies, therefore they have sought invoice funding to allow them to cope with the increased demand.

    If you are experiencing a similar surge in the demand for services, or products, we are ready to help you find the funding that will allow you to take on those big contracts.

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