• Finance For Medical Ventilator Manufacture

    Cash flow finance for medical ventilator manufacture and production.Medical ventilators could become in short supply. The Guardian reported (16/03/20), that the Health Department had advised that the NHS had 5,900 ventilators, but could need as many as 20,000 units in order to deal with the peak of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the UK.

    This will put a strain on existing producers of ventilation equipment and also on smaller producers of components as they struggle to cope with their own production line, and cash flow issues, as a result of the virus.


    Medical Ventilator Production

    Medical ventilators are specialist machines used to provide oxygen (O2) to patients with breathing difficulties. These can be critical in assisting victims of novel coronavirus, that go on to develop lung issues and breathing related complications, such as pneumonia.

    The Guardian reports that 60 manufacturers have been sent blueprints to make these units at speed, as Boris Johnson has called on British industry to help the Government prepare for a surge in COVID-19 cases.

    The Government have targeted big firms such as Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Jaguar Land Rover, to assist with this task, although businesses generally are being asked to become involved with the design, procurement, assembly, testing and shipping of components and services related to the production of medical ventilators.

    Specialist Manufacture Versus Switching Production

    However Penlon, the medical devices maker, apparently told BBC News that they believed that the idea of other sectors switching production to production of ventilators was unrealistic. Penlon manufacture 750 units each year and apparently say that they could double production giving time. They believe that the focus should be on enabling existing medical devices manufacturers to increase supply, rather than looking for other sectors to switch production.

    Breas, the UK's only specialist maker of ventilators for intensive care units, have apparently moved to 7 day working arrangements to support the effort. Their "Nippy" ventilators are apparently widely used within the NHS.

    There are also reports of marine equipment manufacturers looking at the potential to switch from the production of underwater breathing equipment, to production of ventilator components and equipment.

    Help With Cash Flow When Increasing Production

    It is a priority for the UK to ramp up and increase production as quickly as possible. This rate of growth is likely to put a strain on the cash flow of companies that are involved with both the primary production, and also the manufacturers of components that are required to support the effort.

    We are ready to do our part to find the finance required to keep the cash flowing for the businesses that are ramping up production or are switching production, in order to support the effort to produce more ventilators for the UK. Invoice finance, factoring and other forms of business finance can be arranged in very short timescales to help manufacturers. We also have funders on our panel that can extend new customers finance without the need for face to face visits, in the even of a full UK lock down.

    We have already been approached regarding the surge in demand for services relating to efforts to combat coronavirus. Please contact us on 03330 113622 if you also need cash flow help to cope with increased demand.

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