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    Invoice finance for a new start recruitment company dealing with RPO debtors. We have mentioned many times before how we have been able to help recruitment companies that need funding against RPO debtors.

    The issue with securing invoice finance against our PO debtors, is often that the finance companies can struggle to get the required credit limits, in order to facilitate the funding. This makes it a “shopping around exercise“ to find the providers that are able to cover these types of debtors.  Dealing with RPO organisations has become increasingly common within the recruitment sector.

    Invoice Finance For New Start Dealing With RPO Debtors

    To demonstrate how we are able to help, this is an example of a business that we were able to assist recently. They were a new start company, in the recruitment sector, dealing with RPO debtors.

    They were expecting to turn over £200,000 plus VAT in their first year, and the prime mover was not a homeowner. Once again, the requirement for home ownership has become a recent feature with some invoice finance companies. This coupled with a trend of towards renting, away from home ownership, within the UK, has meant that some customers have had problems finding invoice finance companies that will offer them a facility. 

    We were able to find invoice finance companies that were prepared to accept the fact that this was a new starter proven company, dealing with RPO debtors and without the added security of property ownership in the background. If we can help you with a similar situation, please call Sean on 03330 113622.

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