• The ABFA UK Finance Statics Only Available To Members?

    Historic ABFA statistics are now for members only.Statistics about the invoice finance and asset based finance industry have been produced for many years by what was the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association). The ABFA have now become part of UK Finance. It would appears that the historic ABFA statistics are now intended for members only.

    Historic ABFA Statistics Now "Members Only"?

    The statistics pull together a broad range of information about the clients of it's members, including sales volumes, levels of advances, numbers of clients, industry sectors etc. There were many years of historic statistics held online, and they were really useful for reference purposes.

    I was just putting together an article that mentioned the high proportion of receivables financing users that are drawn from the recruitment sector (17% according to our rather dated research) and I went to check the ABFA statistics, to see if they published a breakdown. Unfortunately the breakdown does not go below "services", however whilst looking I noticed a note saying that "long run tables" (which I presume is all historic ABFA statistics) are now available for "UK Finance members only".

    The latest set of quarterly figures are still available on the site, but apparently non members can no longer access the historic stats. This is a shame as they were useful background information when writing about the sector. I am not sure what prompted the change of approach, but I hope that they rethink it, as this was useful information to be able to reference.

    I can see that at present there are two previous quarters PDFs of stats posted, and I did spot a note saying that you could contact UK Finance to see what stats could be available to you. It's not the end of the world, but it was a useful resource to anyone interested in the asset based lending sector, and those writing and researching our industry.

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