• Solving 5 Problems For Recruiters

    This article sets out 5 common problems that we can solve for a recruitment company.

    Needing More Time For Placing Candidates Or Temps

    Most recruiters would like to have more time to work on placing candidates or temps. We can help solve this by outsourcing a number of your back office functions for you, freeing up time that you can spend recruiting candidates, or temporary staff, and placing them with customers. After all that is the core function of any recruitment business. If you need to recruit more customers, we are able to introduce you to a full service marketing agency that can come up with a marketing plan for your business, and implement that plan on your behalf. You stay in control of the activity but the work is undertaken by experts.


    Managing the payroll of a recruitment company can be a pain. If you have a large number of staff on your books, keeping up with the paperwork required to pay wages can be difficult. It is possible to use a payroll management company who will take all of this work of your hands and produce all the required reports for you.

    Credit Control

    Getting paid by customers can sometimes require you to chase them up. This credit control function can again be provided by an external company so that you can focus on sales activity. Even if you are worried about customers being aware of the fact that you are using such service, you can outsource this on an “confidential basis“ such that all contact is made in the name and branding of your company. This may also give customers the impression that your business is a larger organisation than it is.

    Cash Flow

    Keeping the cash flowing through a business is paramount in any industry sector. However, it can be particularly difficult for recruitment businesses when I have large numbers of staff to pay on a regular basis. Receivables financing unlocks the cash that can be tied up in unpaid cells in voices, for you to use within the cash flow of your business. This increases your working capital availability allowing you to pay wages, suppliers and other running costs promptly.

    Bad Debt Risk

    A big risk for any business is that a customer fails to pay them, perhaps becoming insolvent. Bad debt protection is available to mitigate this risk.  Recently we have seen examples of many large, well-known businesses going into administration or liquidation. This can present a significant risk for a small business providing staff. 

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