• Cut Price Invoice Finance

    Ways of finding cut price invoice finance deals.Cut price invoice finance deals are available depending, upon your requirements.


    Funding Only Invoice Discounting

    If you are looking for a stripped down facility, with no bells and whistles - just the funding - there are "funding only" invoice discounting options that will provide that. Prices swing between the cheapest and the most expensive invoice discounting companies. Our invoice discounting pricing research has highlighted the range of these pricing swings - which were 86% in one study that we conducted.

    Cut Price Invoice Finance

    If you are looking to cut the price of your existing quote, or an existing facility that you are already using, we can also help with that. Our independent invoice finance quote search has been able to find our clients an average invoice finance saving of 31% on fees quoted elsewhere, over the last year or so.

    That means if you already have a price, we can work out the likely combined annual cost of the service charge and discount charge to determine the total likely cost per annum. We will then seek quotes to beat that cost and our average success rate has been a 31% saving, based on our recent performance. That cold be a significant cost saving. It is worth checking what we can find for your before you commit to another provider.

    Cheaper Factoring

    If you are using, or looking to use factoring (funding plus a credit control service), there will still be big swings between the top and bottom of the prices quoted. In addition, the service provided is not always comparable. For example, one provider may only chase your largest accounts, whereas another may provide a full credit control service, chasing all your outstanding receivables.

    Again we can help you understand the difference between service levels, and we have seen 165% factoring price swings between the top and bottom of the pricing scale, for the same factoring client. We would welcome the opportunity to find you a cheaper factoring quote.

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