• Check Your Invoice Finance Factoring Rates Against Optimum Finance

    Check your invoice finance or factoring rates against Optimum Finance.

    You can check your invoice finance or factoring rates against those that would be offered by Optimum Finance in less than a minute. You can do this completely online, without needing to speak to anyone.

    Check Your Rates Against Optimum Finance

    All you have to do to check the rates that Optimum would offer is use their simple app to get an instant quote. It only requires a few pieces of information about your company, and they won't run any credit searches at this stage.

    They are an independent receivables financing provider who offer both prepayments against sales invoices and a comprehensive credit control service if you wish to have help collecting your sales ledger.

    Use The Optimum Finance Price Check App

    It is all explained in my previous blog post about Optimum Finance, and you will find that their app is embedded into that post that.

    Invoice Funding Or Funding And Credit Control

    It will allow you to get a quote to have your invoices funded or for factoring (funding against invoices with the addition of a credit control service).

    Minimal Information Required

    You only have to answer 8 simple questions about your business, and none of them are difficult or particularly sensitive data. There is no need to enter anything like bank details, or personal information. If you want to know the questions in advance, we have listed them here: Information Required For A Quote.

    New Or Existing Users Can Use The App

    If you are new to invoice financing you can use the app to get an instant quote and see exactly what Optimum Finance would charge you. If you already use a receivables financing facility, you could use the app to check your current pricing against what Optimum would offer. All without any obligation to proceed further.

    Market Wide Price Search?

    If you are looking to check the prices across the whole UK market, please contact FundInvoice.

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