• An Invoice Finance Price Quote Online Without Searches

    Get an invoice finance decision and price in under a minute.

    Would you like to get an invoice finance price quote online, without credit searches (at this stage), and within one minute?

    You can do just that by using the app that is now embedded in our website: INVOICE FINANCE QUOTE APP

    Check The Price Without Commitment

    You can use the app to check the price, without committing to going ahead. Perhaps you already use invoice finance elsewhere? Why not see the price you would get to make a comparison?

    Perhaps you are new to invoice funding and just want to know what the terms are likely to be, again without, obligation, committing or having to have a meeting with a funder.

    Minimal Information Required

    The app has is the creation of Optimum Finance, one of the funders on our panel. They only require a few basic pieces of information in order to provide you with an offer - it really is only minimal information. All the app asks for the following:

    • Company registration number.
    • Industry sector e.g. "Temporary Recruitment" which you select from a list.
    • Projected annual turnover.
    • Whether at least one director is a homeowner or not.
    • Number of years trading e.g. "3+ years" (over 3 years you don't need to be specific).
    • Number of customers with balances expected in 6 months time.
    • Whether you want a credit control service provided, or not.
    • Your name, phone number and email address.

    Invoice Finance Quote

    That's all the app needs in order to arrive at a decision to make you an offer, and what terms. The offer is typically in the following format:

    • Trial period: typically 4 months.
    • Funding limit.
    • Annual renewal fee (it was £0 on the examples I tried).
    • Debtor protection fee as a percentage of turnover (this is an optional extra).
    • Cash available timescale: typically 48 hours.
    • Discount fee as a percentage over their base rate.
    • Service fee as a percentage of turnover.
    • Prepayment percentage.
    • Facility name e.g. Factoring.

    It's a really simple piece of fintech that with give you an almost instant decision, and an invoice finance price quote.

    Alternative Quotes If You Need Them

    Please remember, the app relates to Optimum Finance only, if you should be declined, or the terms are not what you were looking for, contact us and we will search the whole market for you, to find you what you need. Just call Sean on: 03330 113622.

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