• No Minimum Fees And No Service Charge?

    Special offers like no minimums and no service charge.Offers and discounts are important as we like to be able to offer our clients the best invoice finance deals on the market. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for the best deals around and in touch with our extensive panel of invoice finance companies.


    No Minimum Fees And No Service Charge

    Recently we were speaking to one of our contacts who said they are able to offer some clients no minimum fees for a period of time, and / or no service charge for a period of time. Documentation fees can also be removed.

    These kinds of offer are frequently used to help acquire a client that is with another provider, but it can also be offered in other circumstances.

    If you need more information about prices, please see our guidance article: Invoice Finance Pricing.

    Do You Qualify?

    There are no guarantees that it can be offered to you, but if you get in touch with Sean on 03330 113622 he will check to see if you qualify, and what can be found for your particular set of circumstances. All offers may be withdrawn without notice, and qualification criteria may apply.

    Minimums Research

    Normally minimum fees apply to the service charge aspect of invoice finance pricing. They often operate on a monthly basis, to ensure that the clients turnover is somewhere near the level on which the facility was costed and priced. If you fail to meet the projected level of turnover (subject to an agreed level of deviation), then the minimums apply.

    We have researched this aspect of pricing and the approach to charging minimum fees varies between providers. If you choose the wrong provider, you can even end up with a minimum fee that actually exceeds what you are likely to pay if you hit your turnover projection. We can help you navigate the various options, and avoid this type of pricing problem, or get you access to offers like this one where there are no minimums for a period of time, and even a service charge holiday.

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