• Trade Finance Testimonial About FundInvoice From An Importer

    A testimonial from a trade finance customer that found FundInvoice helpful.

    Testimonials are always great to hear. This is one we received from a company that we helped find a trade finance arrangement. Ratings are given out of 5 possible stars, in this case, the customer gave FundInvoice 5 out of 5.

    Trade Finance Client Testimonial

    This is what the Managing Director of this import and distribution business said about the service that they received from FundInvoice:

    "5-star rating. We had a challenging and unusual trade finance requirement. The agreement was not "off the shelf" and needed some extra work to find the right fit to meet our criteria. FundInvoice was fundamental in helping us find the right partner quickly and professionally without delay".

    FundInvoice Customer Ratings and Testimonials

    If you would like to see other feedback, ratings and testimonials from clients of FundInvoice, please see our FundInvoice Reviews page.

    This is the average customer rating given regarding the service received from FundInvoice.

    We always appreciate getting these comments from our customers and they are always published to our site, without altering the content (we may remove names and correct spelling, but we don't alter the feedback).

    Average Customer Ratings

    The graphic on this page shows the latest average rating we have received across all the ratings that our customers have provided. In each case, they give us a score out of 5, and we add it to our running average.

    Trade Financing Imports

    Trade financing imports is all about paying our customer's suppliers so that they can take delivery of raw materials or products. This gives the customer time to resell those products or to complete the manufacturing before they have to pay for the supplies. Importers often turn to this type of financing to bridge the gap between having to pay suppliers, and getting paid by their customers.

    Factoring And Trade Finance

    Invoice factoring can be added to a trade finance facility to further extend the period of credit that customers enjoy. The factoring can be used to repay the trade financing, which is ultimately repaid when the end customer settles their account. These products combined can fund a transaction from the point that raw materials are shipped through to the point that the end-customer pays.

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