• Do Tech Savvy People Under Value Recruitment Consultants

    Do younger, tech savvy people tend to undervalue the use of recruitment consultants in finding a job?

    Problems Matching Applicants To Roles

    I recently commented on an interesting post on LinkedIn about why the recuitment process often fails to match the right people with the right jobs. Some of the issues that it blamed were over specific job descriptions and impersonal and excessive use of technology to sift through CVs in the process of recuiting applicants. These seem reflective of my experience but I also added something else.

    Tech Savvy

    I have seen it with my own children, and other young people that are looking for jobs. They are "tech savvy" and used to using an app for everything. The number of times my kids have told me "there's an app for that". So when it comes to searching for a job, their first port of call is one of the large online recruitment sites, often with national or even global reach. I am sure these have their place, but so do the smaller, independent recruitment consultants.

    Everything Is Scaling Up

    The other issues that strikes me as relevant, is that everything has "scaled up". People sell houses via national websites like Zoopla and Rightmove, they get their insurance from CompareTheMarket, they buy from scaled up online retailers like Amazon and Ebay. So when these same, tech savvy people come to look for a job, they start with similar large, scaled up, online sites.

    Part of the thinking may be that unless one uses these large scale sites, one might miss out on what is available, as no smaller retailer or recruiter is going to have access to the full array of goods or jobs that are available. Perhaps, but it may also have just become second nature to reach for a big brand.

    Recruitment Consultants

    Taking the large scale, online warehouse approach to recruitment overlooks the simple benefits of using a recruitment consultant. Someone to understand exactly who you are as a candidate (or employer), the nuances of the jobs that they know to be available i.e. going beyond the job description. There is also a benefit in having a person that is highly incentivised by commission, which is how most of the industry operates, in your corner working to find you the right role.

    Recruitment Claw Backs

    Most permanent recruiters also operate some kind of "claw back" arrangement on their fees i.e. the candidate has to stay for a certain amount of time or else they refund some of the fee to their client. This incentivises them to seek a good fit between the candidate and the employer.

    Financing Recruiters

    We deal with a lot of recuiters (both permanent and temporary), as an exceptionally large proportion of them use invoice finance, so its a sector that we are very familiar with. My advice to the tech savvy job applicants is not to overlook the benefits of working with the smaller, independent recruitment consultants - they can often deliver additional value that you don't even expect.

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