• Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit The Alternative To Expensive Advertising And PPC Ads

    Cheaper than PPC the Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit.

    Paying for advertising and pay-per-click every month? At FundInvoice, WE DON'T SPEND ANYTHING!

    Despite this, we are continually generating leads for the invoice finance companies. Indeed, at a time when much of our industry say they are quiet, we are busy and have a strong pipeline.

    Therefore, Glenn has created the Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit. Anyone can use this toolkit to do the same, and stop spending on adverts.



    You can spend a lot of money on marketing, without guaranteed results. When we started FundInvoice, we didn't have a budget for advertising and promotion, so we had to rely on cheap, free methods to grow our business. Glenn's background was in marketing, so he spent a few years testing lots of approaches, and learning what cost very little - but still worked.

    How We Generate Our Invoice Finance Leads

    We have repeatedly been asked how we generate leads and new business without spending on advertising and pay-per click ads through Google, Facebook and the like. Search any industry term online, and you will see that many finance brokers (and invoice finance companies) rely on these expensive methods for their new business.

    Invoice Finance Google PPC Cost

    This type of advertising can cost a fortune, a quick look at Google Adwords (how you advertise in the Google search results) suggests that the cost to reach the top of the search results for the term "invoice finance" would be almost £24 per click! That is the cost for one person to click on your ad and be transferred to your website. That doesn't mean a new client, or even an enquiry. It's just someone visiting your site from your advert. They aren't even guaranteed to be a prospective client. It could be someone doing college research, or even a competitor.

    Therefore, to help others avoid spending on PPC and adverts, Glenn produced the Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit. It sets out step-by-step instructions about how he promotes our business. Anyone can follow the approach and adapt it to their business. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands each month on advertising, you can get the toolkit and templates for a single one-off fee.

    Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit (ZCM)

    The ZCM Toolkit explains what we do to generate leads for our brokerage, and how you can do the same. Included, are templates for just about every aspect of marketing that you can think of, e.g., emails, structures for webs posts etc. The templates also cover how you can encourage people to engage using persuasive language.

    Bonus material is included. That is all about "passive income" (income that isn't linked to how many hours work you do). The bonus material shows you how to uncouple your income from your work. Please take a look, via the link above, and let us know what you think.

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