• Deal Completed - 8% Increase In Profits Achieved

    This is an interesting example of a plumbing, drainage and maintenance services company that we were able to help find an invoice discounting facility.

    The business wanted to use the funds advanced through the invoice finance facility, released against unpaid sales invoices, in order to enable them to restructure their business.

    After the client had been using their invoice discounting facility for a period of time, we spoke to them again and they advised that through the restructuring of their business they
    had been able to increase their profits, year to date, by 8%. This is a significant achievement for a business in the current economic climate and it also demonstrates the additional benefits that can be derived from invoice discounting over and above the obvious improvement in working capital.

    More invoice discounting deals to follow. . .

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    Invoice finance is certainly not just for small businesses although we have been able to help many of them over the years.In the case of this business that we dealt with recently, they were turning over 14,000,000 per annum and they were seeking an invoice discounting facility in order to generate the finance that they needed to grow further.We were able to find them an invoice discounting...

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