• Financing Business Growth

    How to finance business growth.

    When your business is fast growing, it can be difficult to finance that growth. Traditional bank facilities can find it difficult to keep up with your cash flow requirements, as they tend not to grow at the same rate as your sales turnover. Invoice finance is different as the amount of available funding grows in line with the growth in your sales turnover.


    Financing Business Growth

    Our research has confirmed that 14 times more fast growing businesses use invoice finance than the national average. We also interviewed invoice finance users, and 87% told us that using this type of finance had enabled their business growth. It can also be made available to new startups as no track record is required.

    Financing business growth is easy with invoice funding as the amount of funding grows in line with your sales turnover. It is not like a loan or overdraft, as they tend to be for fixed amounts. The amount of invoice finance increases as you raise new sales invoices. Therefore, it is excellent expansion finance as the funding increases to remain matched to your company turnover. As you grow, the amount of money available grows.

    It is common for fast growing businesses to need this type of finance, as they need to free the money tied up in their outstanding invoices to pay for raw materials, wages & staff costs or other operating expenses. Waiting to be paid by customers is no longer required, and your cash flow is boosted. You can even have the finance company chase your outstanding invoices if you want to free up more time.

    Growing Your Business

    If you are looking to transform into a fast growing business, we have provided a free guide to growing your business. The guide includes lots of expansion ideas and growth strategies, as well as more information about funding that growth. It also has details of the research that was quoted above. To discuss your requirements please call Sean on: 03330 113622 and he will be pleased to discuss financing your business growth.

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