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    Invoice finance support for London based companies in the UK.We are able to help UK companies find finance across all areas of the country. However, after having dealt with a few London based companies recently, we wanted to find out how easy it was for a company to find London invoice finance companies.

    London UK

    London is a hub for UK businesses, posting some 1544 businesses for every 10,000 adults (according to figures published for 2019). Which leads to all other areas of the UK. One-third of UK businesses are concentrated in London and the South-East, with London accounting for 18.6% of UK businesses in 2019, and 28.8% of total UK turnover. This suggests that many larger businesses are based there.

    Invoice Finance In London

    I ran a simple search using Google, for "invoice finance London", and the first page of results were all finance brokers. The first actual invoice finance company that I came across was Siemens, and this was the LinkedIn profile of an employee. When you go through to their website, the contact number for invoice discounting is an area code based in Slough.

    Lower down in the results, I found an entry for Marketnvoice (now rebranded to Marketfinance) who are a London based invoice finance company. At the bottom of the page, there were some paid adverts for a couple of the other well-known invoice finance companies.

    Invoice Finance Companies That Cover London

    Taking an alternative tack, I looked at the UK finance website (formerly the ABFA) and they have a function whereby you can select member finance organisations is that cover the London area. They may not have their head office based in London, but they will have either a satellite office or staff that are able to cover that area. When I searched, this returned a list of 35 UK Finance members that are able to provide some form of invoice financing to customers based in the London area. On checking the profiles of each of the providers, there were six that showed their address as based in London. It should be remembered that not all financiers will handle all types of clients.

    The reality is that the majority of invoice finance companies are able to assist businesses all over the UK. With specific regard to the London area, many funders have at least a sales office based within London, or sales staff that cover the area. Many providers are set up such that they can service the whole of the UK.

    Do You Need A Local Finance Company?

    Much of the interaction with an invoice finance company is handled through online secure systems, which take away the need for local offices. Having said that, there can be some reassurance in knowing that there are staff based locally, should you run into a problem, and need to speak to somebody quickly. We also have providers on our panel that are able to complete funding transactions remotely, regardless of travel restrictions and the lockdown situation in the UK, in the wake of the current coronavirus outbreak.

    If you are based in that area or are seeking an invoice finance company based in London, we are able to introduce you to potential funders that can assist you. It is worth bearing in mind that often the most important issue for clients is finding a funder that is able to help with their particular issues, in the most cost-effective way. This is often a higher priority than finding a funder that is based locally - but both can be accommodated.

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