• Which Factoring Companies Confidential Factoring?

    Who provides confidential factoring? The answer is very few factoring companies these days!

    Confidential factoring is a great little product whereby you get all the benefits of factoring i.e. funding against invoices and a full credit control service, but the credit control is carried out in the name of your company (hence its "confidential" so that your customers are unaware). The factoring company will have a dedicated line for your business, answered as your business and they will use your branded logo so it looks as if you have got yourself a large credit control department sending the letters, statements and making the chasing calls.

    Until recently there were a number of factors offering this kind of service, but it seems that only two factoring companies are now able to offer Confidential Factoring.

    Fortunately we have just been able to help a couple of prospects with a need for confidential factoring so we will happily put you in touch with those that still offer the service, just call Sean on: 03330 113622 or use the quote link on the right of this page.

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