• Sizes Of Factoring & Invoice Discounting Deals Completed

    I have just been looking back over just the last 20 or so factoring and invoice discounting deals that we have completed, to see what size the businesses were.

    The smallest was a business turning over just £40,000 per annum that wanted recourse factoring. The largest had an annual turnover of £4,000,000 and was seeking confidential invoice discounting (CID). The average client size, across that small sample, was about £1,100,000 annual turnover which is typical of the size of business that we tend to see.

    Having said that, in the past we have dealt with businesses turning over up to £250,000,000 and those as small as £25,000 so a business of just about any size can qualify for invoice finance and we are able to handle the full range. With regard to smaller businesses, it is often less about the factoring company's size criteria and more about the size that a business needs to be in order to make any facility cost effective.

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