• Recourse Factoring For An Alcohol Supplier Based In Yorkshire

    Many businesses use recourse factoring in order to generate finance for their business. However, in some cases recourse factoring is also sought in order to provide support with credit control and debt collection activities.

    This was the case recently with a supplier of alcohol, based in Yorkshire, who were seeking a recourse factoring facility to provide them with credit control support in addition to finance that would allow them to increase their volume of credit sales.

    We were able to find them a recourse factoring facility with a provider that was able to both finance their expansion and sales growth and assist them in collecting outstanding and overdue sales invoices.

    In many cases, recourse factoring can enable a business to manage without the need to employ credit control staff or for the owners of the business to undertake such a time consuming function.

    More recourse factoring deals to follow. . .

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