• How To Check That FundInvoice Is Trustworthy

    It is important to us that clients are able to check that FundInvoice is a trustworthy, bona fide organisation. Therefore, we have listed a number of ways that you can: Check FundInvoice's Credentials

    It is important that you confirm the identity, and reputation, of any financial intermediary. We have seen plenty of examples of websites where you cannot even clearly identify the business that you are dealing with, and in some cases even the website's ownership is hidden. We would suggest that you:

    • Check the name of the business you are dealing with, often shown at the foot of a web site, in terms and conditions or in a legal information page.
    • Look for online reviews - look for reviews on independent sites in addition to the company's own site.
    • Check for recognised associations e.g. with awards organisations.


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