• Criteria To Qualify For Invoice Finance

    The basic criteria to qualify for invoice finance are very simple: 1) You are a business that raises credit invoices to other businesses. It is really as simple as that. Certain specific products such as factoring or invoice discounting may have further particular criteria, but in general in order to access some form of invoice finance you only need to satisfy the criteria stated above. Even the industry sector that you operate within has become less of an issue with specific products being developed for sectors such as construction. There are now even products that are available for retailers that sell to the general public. The invoice finance company will want to look at the type of product or service that you offer, in order to ensure that the invoices are going to be collectable. However, once again there is still some flexibility even if you invoice in stages or if there are other issues that could cause a dilution in the value of your sales invoices.

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