• Competition Amongst Factoring & Invoice Discounting Companies On Prices Increases

    We have noticed an increase in the level of competition regarding quoting for factoring and invoice discounting between factoring & invoice discounting companies over recent months.Over the last couple of years, following some of the fallout from the credit crunch, there was a marked decrease in the appetite of invoice finance companies to quote more competitive rates. However, this seems to be changing. We have received messages from a number of our independent funding partners telling us that they are open for new business and are prepared to quote aggressively in order to win business from the competition.This is good news for our customers. Even customers that have checked the market recently and been unable to improve on existing rates and prices, we may now be able to help them as our funding partners are prepared to be more competitive. Now is a great time to check the market to see if you can improve on your existing quotation or to find out what factoring or invoice discounting would cost.Posted: 15th of August 2011

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