• Clients Using Factoring, Quotes About Credit Control

    From my recent article about the reasons clients gave for choosing their invoice finance facility, these are quotes directly concerning credit control and invoice collections from clients that were already using factoring:

    • "Easy to use flexible funding and collections".
    • "Cash flow runs smoothly and don?t have to worry about outstanding invoices all looked after".
    • "Bank recommended it to help with chasing old debts and release money".
    • "Help with collections whilst improving cash flow and helping us to grow".
    • "Helped collect payments whilst giving peace of mind of cash flow".
    • "Help chase customers and provide flexible funding".
    • "Best deal and liked idea of somebody else chasing payments as didn?t want to ruin relationship with customers".
    • "Help chasing invoices".
    • "Need help with chasing customers for payments and it works really well".
    • "Only factor that would offer facility we needed, wanted help chasing customers, easy to use online facility and flexible funding".
    • "Just what I needed, credit control, online access and cash flow assurance".
    • "Cost effective and suited our needs which were help to collect payments".
    • "Perfect solution had lots of outstanding invoices, needed help collecting them and it freed up a big lump of cash which really helped".
    • "To help collect payments and to free up my time".
    • "Just what we were looking for help chasing payments and immediate cash release".
    • "Helps free my time in order to focus on growing my business".
    • "Got behind with getting money in, had all got a bit much, needed a facility whereby somebody else took control of that side of things and freed up my time. Bonus is that it has improved cash flow and helped us grow".

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