• Why Use An Invoice Finance Broker?

    An example of what can happen if you don't use an invoice finance broker.Invoice finance brokers normally work with a range of invoice finance companies, in order to understand what they offer and to be able to introduce prospective customers to the right provider. We are based in St. Leonards-on-Sea, near Hastings in East Sussex from where we handle the whole of the UK. We can introduce you to funders that have offices local to you if required.

    Why Use An Invoice Finance Broker?

    You may be asking yourself "why use an invoice finance broker?". Well, here is an example of what can happen if you don't, drawn from the recent experience of customers that we have ended up dealing with.

    Do You Know Which Funders Provide What?

    On our list, there are around a hundred different invoice funders servicing the UK market. In addition to offering to do all the analysis for you, to find the funders that best match what you need, we also have a number of direct links on our site. These are used to give customers direct access to particular funders, if they want to sidestep the part where we match them to the funder.

    It's difficult enough for brokers to keep on top of which funders provide what, let alone for customers to do the same.

    We have just had an example of a customer that used on of these contact forms, to get in touch with one particular funder. Unfortunately, what they were looking for was "single invoice finance" i.e. where you can select one or more invoices to get funded. They happened to use the contact form for a company that offer "selective debtor finance" - which is where you can pick and choose certain debtors to receive funding against, but you submit all your invoices for those debtors. Two very different facilities.

    As the client initially sidestepped the matching part of our service (which we don't charge clients to use), they ended up contacting someone that would not be able to help. We could have prevented that if they had spoken to us first. Fortunately, they also completed a contact request for our broker service, so we were able to give them a call and introduce them to a selective invoice finance company that can offer what they need.

    Now if that same customer hadn't requested our brokerage service, they could have wasted a lot of time randomly contacting providers through the web, trying to find the service that they were looking for. Also, they would not have had the benefit of our understanding of pricing differences between providers to the facilities that they wanted. They could well have ended up contacting the most expensive providers by taking the random approach.

    All ended well, but this illustrates why you should use an invoice finance broker.

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