• Expert Guidance About Invoice Finance.

    We can provide expert guidance regarding invoice finance.Invoice financing can be a complex subject, and often expert guidance and advice is what customers really need.

    We can provide you with expert guidance about invoice finance.

    Just call Sean on 03330 113622.

    Expert Guidance About Invoice Finance

    We provide a personal service to find you the invoice finance that you need.

    We are experts, with decades of experience and an extensive archive of research regarding our sector.

    We are able to help you:

    • Understand the various product options, what is included and how they compare with each other. For example, does your quote include a full credit control service? Or just chasing of the largest debtor accounts?

    • Map the range of funding providers, and see their strengths and weaknesses. We can help you narrow down the field by identifying those that are most able to meet your requirements, and provide the funding you need. We can also explain any backing that they have e.g. if bank owned or owned by a large organisation for example. Equally, you may want to know if they are members of any trade bodies e.g. UK Finance - who operate a code of conduct and Ombudsman process.

    • Understand pricing and how prices compare between offers. This is often a case of going beyond the headline rates, and fully costing your facility. Headline rates can appear more favourable than the overall cost in some cases.

    • Calculate funding levels, so you know what you are likely to receive. We can help you identify any restrictions that will affect your funding levels.

    • Calculate costs, so that you understand what you are going to pay - together with identifying any additional charges that could come into play.

    • Compare the terms of different facilities. For example, in one case you may have to provide all your invoices for funding, whilst in another case you can be selective and choose what to submit for funding. There can also be other terms that differ and will affect how much funding you can raise, and what security you have to provide.

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