• We Can Help With Difficult Cases Where You Have Been Declined For Finance

    We are able to help you find business finance even in difficult circumstances where you have been previously declined for finance. In fact, we specialise in helping businesses that have been unable to secure the finance that they need through other means.

    Difficult Situations Where We Can Help

    Some of the difficult cases that we have helped in the past include:

    • Single debtor finance, when you have one single customer.
    • RPO prime debtor finance for recruitment companies that are having trouble securing the credit limits that they need on particular debtors. We have access to a broad range of providers, and so can search the market in order to find somebody that can provide the credit limits are required.
    • Extended recourse periods - If you have customers that pay on extended credit terms, a normal recourse period may not be sufficient to allow time for them to pay. We are able to introduce you to companies that will allow extended recourse periods.
    • Construction sector finance - we have access to a range of companies that are able to finance the construction sector which can be a problem for many businesses.  Even if you require the funding against and certified applications for payment, we have access to funders that are able to assist. We are also able to help finance all manner of contractual debt.
    • New start-ups – in many cases funders are not prepared to provide finance to new businesses that have yet to start trading. We have a panel of lenders that are able to support new start-ups. There is also no minimum on the size of transactions that we can arrange funding for.
    • If you have a poor credit history either personally or as a business, or you have a history of County Court judgements, or you are in a creditors voluntary arrangement, we may still be able to help you find finance for your business. Even if you are facing potential liquidation, we may be able to help you avoid such an outcome.
    • If you have been turned down for business finance elsewhere, it is highly likely that we will still be able to help you secure the finance through one of our panel of lenders that deal with difficult cases. If you have been unable to find the funding that you need, give us the opportunity to see if we can find it for you.

    Read some case studies with examples of where we have helped clients in difficult circumstances.

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