Selective Invoice Finance Pricing Example

This is a pricing example for selective invoice finance. The fees charged may vary depending upon the nature of your own business and circumstances, so please contact us to get a quote for your situation:


Actual Example Of Selective Invoice Finance Pricing

In this particular case the client needed funding for a short period of time, 21 days, until their customer paid. This would not suit traditional forms of invoice or sales finance so we found them a selective facility with:

  • No obligation to ever use the service again.
  • No minimum fees.
  • No personal guarantees.
  • No debenture taken over their company.

This is how the pricing for the transaction:

  • Circa £350,000 of funding was provided, for 21 days.
  • This level of funding was 80% of their invoice value (less fees).
  • Total fees for the transaction were c. 1.55% of the invoice value.

The Real Cost

Converting that into real money terms, to receive £800 against a £1,000 of invoicing cost £15.50 for the 21 day period, in this case.

(Note: VAT may be payable on all or part of the fees).

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