Factoring and Invoice Discounting for Drone Imaging, Aerial Surveys & Photographers

We can introduce you to financiers that provide invoice finance for drone imaging, aerial surveys and photographers (such as flying, thermal services, scanning, and large format prints).  Factoring and invoice discounting can work well for providers of these services, releasing the cash that is tied up in unpaid sales invoices. In sectors such as Drone Imaging and Photography, which are growing fast in the UK, these forms of invoice finance can help finance that growth.

Drone Imaging, Aerial surveys and photographers  

Providing that you sell on credit terms to other businesses a financier should be able to make available cash against your outstanding sales invoices immediately they are raised of up to 90%, with the remaining balance of the invoice passed onto you when the customer pays the outstanding invoice.

If required, the financier can help you by providing credit control services, or you can retain the role of collecting your invoices if you prefer. Your customers don't even need to know that you are using a finance service if you would prefer the arrangement to be completely confidential.

If you are concerned about debtors failing to pay you, creating overdue or bad debts, the financier may also be able to provide you with bad debt protection.

Contact us to discuss how we can introduce you to providers that are able to help businesses within your industry: INVOICE FINANCE QUOTATION SEARCH REQUEST

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