• Are There Fewer Trade Finance Companies?

    Trade finance companies that can help UK importers.Importers often turn to trade finance (TF) as a way of paying their suppliers. The trade finance house will pay the supplier (normally once evidence of having shipped the goods is provided) and then the importer has a period of credit in which to sell the goods on.

    Whilst there may have been some providers leaving the market, but there are still options available for those looking for finance their supply chain, or import goods from abroad.


    Are There Fewer Trade Finance Companies?

    Often, TF providers will look to confirmed orders from large end users as security for the transactions, but it can also be written on the strength of the importer themselves. For example, if you had orders from supermarkets, they could well be suitable for this type of import funding - but are there fewer trade finance companies?

    We had a recent meeting with a colleague from one of our funding partners, who had been active in the trade finance sector through previous employers. He mentioned how few providers now service the UK trade finance segment. It is true, there have been a few exits from this space. Working Capital Partners went into Administration recently, they were a also a TF provider.

    A couple of the other providers that may have changed their appetite for TF. One is now seeking larger multi-million pound facility deals only and the other is rumoured to have lost some of their specialist staff.

    TF Sector Developments

    However, there have been some positive moves to balance the situation. Last year Bibby launched their Pre-Shipment Finance, to help importers get even earlier access to funding. We also reported on the launch of Berkeley Trade Finance last month. 

    4Syte recently rebranded, including a distinct new 4Syte Trade branding for their import funding services.

    So whilst there have been some that have moved away from this type of funding, there are others that are still open to funding new clients.

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