• Selective Invoice Funding Is Still Available

    Explaining selective invoice funding, invoice auctions and whole ledger options.Previously I reported that the selective invoice finance (SIF) industry has mostly moved away from the invoice auction model, towards a model whereby pricing is determined according to a pricing policy for each funder.

    Selective Invoice Funding & Auctions

    There still remain a number of SIF providers that offer flexible funding against individual invoices, or batches of invoices. Some sectors, such as car crash repairers, have their invoices funded almost exclusively on that basis.

    For many businesses it can be more cost effective to consider the whole ledger funding approach. This is where funding is maximised by the funder taking on your whole sales ledger, rather than just selective invoice funding.


    Both SIF and whole ledger options are available to new startup businesses. Not all funders will take on new companies, so you will need to select a provider that is prepared to assist new businesses - we have a number on our panel of funders, that we can introduce to you.

    Is Whole Ledger Cheaper?

    Whilst many assume that SIF will be cheaper, that is not always the case. We had an example of a business with invoice outstanding to local authority debtors. It worked out cheaper for them to fund all their invoices (whole ledger) for an entire year, that to discount just a batch of invoices for two months. In other cases the pricing dynamic may be different, however it is dangerous to assume that SIF will always be the cheapest option.

    In the following video I explain the current situation with invoice auctions, and the selective options that can be attractive to some businesses:

    If you would like help understanding the options that are available to you, please call Sean on 03330 113622 and he will explain what's available, and find you the quotes you need on a selective invoice funding, or whole ledger funding basis.

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