• Selling Without Shaking Hands - My Book Is Out

    Selling Without Shaking Hands - How To Sell From Anywhere by Glenn Blackman & Mike Vince

    I have finally achieved one of my life goals and published a book "Selling Without Shaking Hands - How To Sell From Anywhere" (by Glenn Blackman & Mike Vince). It feels great to have it finished and our book out. Thank you to those that have bought and reviewed it already!


    This was the product of the extra time available during the lock down and it ticked something off of my personal bucket list. 

    Selling Without Shaking Hands (SWOSH)

    SWOSH is available from the Amazon bookstore in either paperback or ebook format, currently at £7.95 for an initial period. You can read it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


    1,493 copies of Selling Without Shaking Hands have been ordered in just 17 days!

    You can download it onto ANY device using the Kindle app (see What if I don't have a Kindle).

    I would be interested to hear your views on it and we would of course appreciate you leaving a review on Amazon for us.

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    How To Sell From Anywhere

    The book is all about selling techniques and how to be more successful by using a simple system. Much of it is focused on minor changes that can have a dramatic outcome on a negotiation.

    We have addressed how you can continue to sell effectively, post-pandemic, when face-to-face contact can be difficult and technological advances have put you at an arms length distance from your customers.

    It contains lots of relevant guidance for people running or starting their own businesses, sales professionals and anyone that needs to sell to others, even if you never meet them. It includes ideas on how to structure your pitch and help handling objections.

    It's not industry specific, although it has some examples drawn from our own sector.

    We put together the "Tipping Point Sales System" which gives a very simple, easy to apply approach to sales negotiations. The book is also packed full of tips including many different closing techniques.

    Glenn Blackman & Mike Vince

    I have known Mike for a great many years. Initially we met when we both worked for part of Barclays Bank but we ended up working together again when I started consulting, and then via our invoice finance brokerage. Over the years we have worked on telemarketing projects, recruited sales staff and latterly sourced and introduced business funding prospects for Mike's sales team when he was MD at one of the factoring companies.

    Mike now runs his own sales training company offering sales skills development.

    First published on 2nd September 2020 via the Amazon Bookstore.

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