• Top 5 Reasons For Moving Between Invoice Finance Companies

    Support when switching invoice finance or factoring companies.These were the top 5 reasons that clients gave for moving to their existing invoice finance company from another provider - research results from our market research survey of 100 existing invoice finance users. These answers accounted for 80% of the responses:

      • 42.4% - Cheaper
      • 16.0% - Changed banks
      • 8.8% - Better service
      • 7.2% - More flexible
      • 5.6% - More personal service

              By far the key reason for moving invoice finance companies is cost savings - moving between providers for cheaper invoice finance deals. The second reason was not anticipated when we planned the study - changing banks. The clients moved invoice finance companies as they moved banks - there seemed to be a preference to keep everything with one provider despite the risks of having "all eggs in one basket".

              Service levels and flexibility are there but further down the list.

              Article - Free guide explaining - How To Switch Invoice Finance Or Factoring Companies.

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