• How Do Fast Growing Businesses Get Funded?

    Most Common Fast Growth Funding Methods

    The most common form of funding used by fast growing businesses was a "loan" finance. The breakdown of funding sources used was as follows (note that some respondents stated multiple funding sources):

    • 42% Loan

    • 31% Overdraft

    • 18% Family money

    • 9% Invoice finance

    Within these results there were 30% of our respondents that said that they had used two or more different "combination" methods of funding. The most common method of combination funding a high growth business was using overdraft and a loan together. The full list of combination funding methods used broke down as follows:

    Combination Funding Methods

    • 23% Overdraft and Loan

    • 4% Family money, Overdraft and Loan

    • 1% Family money and Overdraft

    • 1% Overdraft, Loan and Invoice Finance

    • 1% Family money, Overdraft, Loan and Invoice Finance

    It is interesting to note that our survey didn't identify any fast growing businesses using funding types such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending but the popularity of those may have grown since the survey. It did identify 59% of respondents as being unable to raise all the finance that they needed and it should be noted that none of the invoice finance users fell into that category.

    Source: High Growth Survey 2013 (100 respondents with 20%+ turnover growth pa).

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