• High Street Bank Requested Overview Of Our Research

    I was delighted to be asked by one of the high street bank owned invoice finance companies, to provide an overview of our invoice finance research programme to their senior management team.

    My presentation covered:

    • Sizing the UK invoice finance market

    • What drives companies to use invoice finance

    • Why more businesses don't use these products

    • Client life

    • Customer satisfaction survey results

    • Fast growth and new start up segments

    There were many questions and discussion around the content. The debate covered:

    • What can be done to raise awareness of invoice finance

    • How pricing issues could be addressed

    • How to appeal to the brokers within the market

    • The role of selective invoice finance

    All in all it was a good debate and it is very positive to see a large invoice finance organisation taking our findings seriously, and seeking to improve their offering for customers.

    I will post up a copy of the key presentation slides on the main site.

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