• High Growth UK Businesses Survey Results - Higher Proportion Of High Growth Businesses Use Invoice Finance

    Our market research survey of "high growth UK businesses" follows on from the series of business segments that we have surveyed recently. Our sample for this survey was a group of 100 fast growth businesses i.e. businesses that had grown their turnover by 20% or more over the last year. The average growth rate across the respondents was 37.5% with the lowest being 20% and the highest 75%. We asked those high growth businesses how they funded their businesses and 12% of the sample of high growth businesses used invoice finance, much higher than the average usage amongst the UK business population where we estimate less than 1% use invoice finance. Invoice finance is clearly associated with high growth businesses which makes sense when you read our previous research that found that overdraft funding can represent just 2.6% of debtor outstandings whereas ABFA figures showed invoice finance releasing an average of 42% of the debtor outstandings. For completeness, the distribution of growth rates amongst our sample was as follows:

    • 20% growth - 18 respondents
    • 25% growth - 18 respondents
    • 30% growth - 8 respondents
    • 35% growth - 11 respondents
    • 40% growth - 9 respondents
    • 45% growth - 9 respondents
    • 50% growth - 19 respondents
    • 75% growth - 8 respondents

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