• Customer Satisfaction Survey Drives Success

    I spent the morning presenting the latest set of customer satisfaction survey results to one of our long term customer satisfaction monitoring clients (outside of the finance sector - which is a refreshing change for me!).

    They are a large organisation with thousands of customers, and I have conducted customer satisfaction polling, and monitoring, for them for several years. If any hint of an issue, is mentioned during a survey with a customer, it is escalated immediately to our client who then takes action. Businesses that don't undertake satisfaction surveys don't get that opportunity and customers often just vote with their feet and leave.

    Conducting a proper conversation based interview with customers gets to the bottom of what they really think when often an email, paper based questionnaire or online survey fails to gain depth of insight.

    Our client has really taken to heart the insights that our reports have provided and our findings have enabled them to focus on improving their levels of customer satisfaction. This has helped drive their success and set measurable goals.

    The ratings they receive from customers are outstanding, and a testament to their customer centric culture.

    If only more businesses listened to their customers.

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