• Construction Finance Against Invoices Not Applications For Payment

    There has been much focus on construction finance against uncertified applications for payment but in 25% of cases construction businesses just raise straight credit sales invoices rather than applications for payment (according to our recent construction finance sector survey of 100 construction businesses).

    We didn't find that any of these 25% of construction sector businesses used invoice finance, despite raising credit invoices that could be eligible for funding. Of that segment, 24% of them said that they had the need to raise additional finance over the next year but half of them had never heard of invoice finance and the remainder used alternative funding sources such as overdraft or bank loans.

    Even invoice finance companies that don't want to fund applications for payment could attack this segment of the construction market where the client raises credit sales invoices and nearly a quarter say that they need to raise more finance.

    For a quotation for construction finance against either credit sales invoices or applications for pament follow the "REQUEST QUOTE SEARCH" link on the right hand side of this page.

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