• 1 Percent Over Base Rate For 6 Months

    Offer: Funding at 1% over base rate for 6 months.Another updated invoice finance offer for you. One of our panel is able to offer a discount rate of:

    • 1% over base rate, for the first 6 months.

    This offer is based on an initial 24 months agreement period. This offer may be withdrawn without notice, and qualification criteria may apply.

    Offer: 1% Over Base For 6 Months

    What this offer means is that you can save some money on the discount charge element of your invoice finance facility. This is the charge made in respect of the funding that you have drawn down.

    Example Savings

    For example, a business with a turnover of say £1M pa, might have say £100K of funding outstanding at any given time. That funding will be subject to discount fee, which is normally charged at a margin over base rate (service charge and other charges may apply).

    Assuming base rate of 0.75%, a typical discount margin might be 2.5% over base rate. Therefore, this offer would discount that margin rate by 1.5%, for a period of 6 months. During the 6 months that this offer would run, that could potentially save the customer in this example, £750 in total. The amount saved could be higher or lower.

    If you would like to be considered for this offer, please get in contact with Sean on: 03330 113622.

    Other Offers

    We have access to a range of other invoice finance offers. For example, we can find you single charge facilities, where you only pay one fee rather than paying service charge and discount. We can also introduce you to providers that can offer short termination periods, tiered pricing according to what you draw down, and discounts on bad debt protection.

    We have also been able to find our factoring and invoice discounting customers average cost savings of 31% (over the last 12 months) on fees that they have been quoted elsewhere. This could result in significant savings, especially when you consider that we don't charge our customers to use our service (we receive a commission from the provider).

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