• The Apprentice 2015 On BBC 1 Last Night - Selling Fish to Vegans

    Another season of Lord Sugar's #TheApprentice kicked off on BBC 1 last night. I love watching it, but the candidate selection seems to be skewed towards entertainment rather than business acumen. The normal round of overly self confident quotes ensued e.g. "I am a Swiss Army knife of business skills" and "I'm disgustingly ambitious", together with Ruth wearing a suit that looked like it had been made from some of the Bay City Roller's cast offs!

    The losing team managed a profit of £1.87 between them, after a day selling fish to London's lunchtime footfall (well almost lunchtime, they pretty much missed that, hence the dismal result!). Team "Versatile" won, with a profit on the days trading of £200.29. The highlight for me was the attempt to sell fish fingers to a vegan restaurant, but in the end it was Dan who was fired, for a self confessed lack of sales ability.

    As always tends to be the case, there are a few faces in the background that may show some talent in future episodes. The one I would keep an eye on is Richard Woods - "you're breads buttered on a different side to mine".

    The second episode is tonight, on BBC 1 at 9pm, I can't help but watch!

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