• I Just Had A Thank You From BCR Publishing

    I have just received a thank you note from BCR Publishing.You may be aware that BCR Publishing were kind enough to ask me to speak on a panel about invoice finance auctions at the annual Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum 2019. Well I just received a nice thank you note from them, as follows, that I wanted to share.

    Thank You From BCR Publishing

    It read as follows:

    "On behalf of BCR, I would like to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making the Alternative and Receivables Finance Forum 2019 a success. As we continue to grow as a company, please know that partnerships with our sponsors and speakers are vitally important  to us and are much appreciated, thank you once again".

    It's always nice to get a few kind words of appreciation.

    Previse Limited

    That note came just after I received a kind gift & note, from another company, Previse Limited, that offer a quasi supply chain finance product. They wanted some input regarding market conditions within our sector. After providing some expertise they sent me a nice bottle of Malbec in the post! Again, very much appreciated.

    Their card read:

    "Thanks ever so much for the time and expertise. Alan, Pieter and all at Previse". 

    Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum

    The Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum is an annual event, held in London. Last year (2018) I was asked to moderate the "SME Insights" panel that discussed research regarding various trends, relating to finance, amongst SMEs, the role of alternative finance and appetite for selective facilities versus revolving whole ledger funding.

    This year I participated in the panel that discussed auction based invoice finance. This time the discussion was based around the migration away from auction based models towards whole ledger funding, with some still offering selective facilities. Whilst these selective services have not proved profitable for all providers, there are still some funders offering that type of funding, whilst the main focus of the sector is now on whole ledger services.

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